Selemart offers a growing number of leading brands of baby gifts, children’s toys and back to school accessories. Both US and international brands are included.


    • Give retailers the best choices, prices and information to maximize profits.
    • Give suppliers visibility with retailers worldwide to increase sales.
    • Support children’s programs in the cities and countries of our retailers.
    • Encourage parents to buy from businesses that support their community.

We hope you will join us!


Selemart is a new online platform serving international retailers who order baby gifts, children’s toys and back to school accessories directly from suppliers in the USA. Selemart offers many benefits listed below to international retailers and specialty suppliers.

Selemart is organized by brand. All prices and policies are those of participating suppliers. All orders are subject to approval by the supplier, who creates the proforma invoice, receives payment and ships the order to the US forwarder. Orders placed on Selemart.com do not include international shipping, duties and taxes.


  1. ONLINE ORDERING. Quickly access a supplier’s online catalog to place orders at the supplier’s US wholesale prices.
  2. TRANSPARENT PRICING. Each brand’s discounts by volume, special promotions and freight to forwarder policies are presented clearly.
  3. PRODUCT INFORMATION. New items, special prices, best sellers and out of stock items are clearly indicated for the entire catalog.
  4. SHIPMENT INFORMATION. Each order instantly estimates total weight and volume so you can obtain competitive freight quotes and save on shipping.
  5. ORDER ANALYSIS. In the future, Selemart Insight Reports™ will help you optimize spending across brands by age, gender, price range and product category.
  6. ONLINE STORAGE. Store all orders in your account for easy future reference.
  7. LOYALTY PROGRAM. Selemart will develop a loyalty program where points earn free samples of new brands.
  8. SELEMART STARS™. Selemart supports children’s charities in the cities and countries of our international retailers.


  1. INCREASED SALES. Selmart provides visibility for your brand to specialty retailers worldwide who consolidate their orders in the USA.
  2. COUNTRY GATES. Your exclusive distributors are protected. You define the countries in which retailers may view your catalog.
  3. VERIFIED RETAILERS. Your catalog is protected. International retailers provide a qualified business profile before a new account is activated.
  4. BUSINESS CONTROL. Account approval, pricing and freight to forwarder policies are set by each supplier.
  5. PREPAID ORDERS. All orders are prepaid directly to your company via your accepted payment method.
  6. ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT. Selemart coordinates with your customer service during order processing. Selemart maintains ongoing communication with international retailers to generate new accounts and repeat orders.
  7. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT. You have the option to set special incentives by product or time period for the export market. This allows you to manage inventory without disrupting US pricing.
  8. SALES REPORTS. Selemart Insight Reports™ provides business information by customer, country, product and price point.


To apply for a Selemart account, please provide your contact information and business profile on the following page.