NEW SUPPLIER FORM offers specialty suppliers of baby gifts, children’s toys and back to school accessories a new opportunity to increase sales to international retailers who consolidate multiple orders in the USA.

On, all products are presented by brand at US wholesale prices. Selemart protects your exclusive distributors with “Country Gates”. Your catalog will not appear in countries where you have an exclusive distributor. Selemart also protects your catalog. Only approved international retailers are provided an account to place orders.

As a participating supplier, you control every aspect of the sales process. You create the list of countries in which verified international retailers may view and order from your catalog. You define your minimum order, volume discounts, free freight policy and terms of sale. Selemart offers the option to alter prices by product at any time. This enables you to promote inventory in the export market without disrupting US pricing.

All new accounts are subject to approval by you. Selemart sends orders to your customer service department for processing. Proformas and invoices are generated by your company directly for the international retailer. All orders are prepaid by the retailer directly to you. Orders ship from your warehouse to the retailer’s US forwarder based on your freight policy. There are no international shipping, taxes or duties involved.

To support Selemart orders, Selemart coordinates with your customer service department during order processing. Selemart maintains communication year round with all international retailers to generate new accounts and repeat orders.

In the future, all suppliers will be given a Selemart account. With this account you can view your retailers, orders and product information. Selemart Insight Reports™ will provide valuable analysis of your export sales by customer, country, product and price point.

Prospective new suppliers are invited to leave their contact information and questions.

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